Give Back

Revenue Rocket strives to give back by investing in the communities most in need worldwide. We consider giving back part of our mission.

Our Give Back Initiatives

Revenue Rocket Partners with Didómi

Didómi is a social enterprise that uses funds generated from water bottle sales to combat the water crisis through a partnership with the nonprofit Water Is Life. Revenue Rocket is helping to supply individuals in African communities with clean water.

Ripple Effect Images Logo

Revenue Rocket Partners with Ripple Effect Images

Revenue Rocket shares the belief that women and girls are forces of nature. Our commitment and sponsorship ensures that Ripple Effect Images covers the under-reported challenges and solutions that impact them in seven key areas: Food, Water, Health, Education, Energy, Economic Empowerment, and Climate Change.

Mike & Cindy’s passion started with an appreciation for nature, culture and awareness of challenges faced in struggling nations, especially to women and children. Their commitment to Ripple on behalf of Revenue Rocket is a testament to our aspirations for making a difference around the world. 

Sharing our experiences is also part of our mission to give back. We are always producing new content from the current state of valuations to industry trends to M&A timelines and expectations. Check out some of our insights through our podcast, blog, or videos.