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What should you disclose in an M&A intro call?

What should you disclose in an M&A intro call?

Who inside your business should know you are contemplating a sale?

Are professional services fees considered add backs?

Are professional services fees considered an add back?

What is a non-binding LOI?

The difference between a strategic buyer and a financial buyer.

How to increase your market share.

The benefits of an earn out after selling your business.

2 things to prepare when selling your business.

Why should you buy another IT services firm vs grow organically?

Which employees should be involved in the sale of your business?

When is the right time to acquire an IT services firm?

Should you use an advisor for post-merger integration?

So, you want to buy another business: where do you start?

Mike talking about which employees should be involved in an acquisition

Which Employees Should be Involved in an Acquisition?

Mike discussing add-backs

What are add-backs?

Mike discussing why you should use an advisor in an M&A transaction

Why Should you use an M&A Advisor?

Small Business SBA Financing to Finance my M&A Transaction

Is Private Equity Financing Best in My M&A Transaction?

Leveraging Your Lawyer & Accountant in your M&A Transaction

How Long Does It Take To Find a Company To Buy?

How Long Will It Take to Sell My IT Business?

How To Finance Your Next M&A Transaction?

What Has to be Aligned to Get an M&A Transaction Done?

Optimal Growth & Profitability Rates for Your IT Business

What’s My Payout When I Sell My IT Services/Consulting Business?

When Selling My IT Business, Will I Get 2x, 4x, or 5x?

Where Does My IT Business Find Buyers to Sell My Company To?

Does Profit Really Matter If My IT Business is in High Growth?

Selling My IT Firm: How Much & How Will I Be Paid

How To Get the Best Valuation for Your IT Business

Am I Ready to Sell My IT services or Consulting Business?

Why Should I Use an M&A Adviser?