Mergers & Acquisitions

Drive a Successful M&A Deal


The fastest path to growth is through mergers and acquisitions, and if you’re not participating, you’re leaving revenue or risk on the table. But don’t try and go it alone as the road to a successful deal is filled with unexpected turns. We’ve facilitated over 200 M&A Transactions within the IT services market – let us help with your next deal.

Are you the IT services executive looking to build your business in whole, or in part, by acquisition? Or are you the executive looking to grow your business to sell to those buying?

Never has an industry been so populated with executives planning an exit strategy almost at the same time they open their doors for business, as in the IT services industry.

In an interview between our Founder & CEO, Mike Harvath, and President of Connect Booster, Ryan Goodman, Mike dives into his experiences with IT service providers planning an exit strategy. Listen in: