M&A Seller Readiness: Launch

IT firms routinely reach out to Revenue Rocket with a desire to sell their business, but revenue or profit has not been optimized for a sale of the firm. So, you might be ready for a deal, but your firm may not. 

4 step seller launch graphic

Many CEOs need guidance on how to start thinking about positioning their life’s work and preparing for sale. Sellers need to be attractive to receive the highest value for their business.

Revenue Rocket has developed a multi-faceted preparedness program proven to get you, your team, and your business ready to sell for the best possible outcomes. We do this by implementing a 4-step process called M&A Launch. It begins with a holistic, people-centric review of your business through Leadership, Team, Customer, Business, & Financial lenses. Then, we work with you to improve your business, preparing it to sell to the right buyer with the best strategic, cultural, and financial outcome.  

Step 1 Assessment & Financial Valuation  

Six weeks  

Revenue Rocket performs a holistic assessment of your business strategy, financials, structure, operating model, culture, and talent. We employ tactics including research, diagnostic tools, and interviews to assess what exists in the current state. Financially, we appraise the value of your company and outlook. Finally, we provide recommendations on what needs to be done to be prepared to sell. 

Step 2 People Readiness  

Six weeks  

Leader Readiness We provide customized consultation and support to identify your goals as a seller from multiple angles: personal, financial, and professional. We take a values-based approach to executive coaching, focusing on knowledge transfer, legacy building, and the emotional transitions coming with a change of identity and finding a new purpose in the next chapter of your life’s story. We are part of your trusted team and will work with any other advisors in your best interests. 

Team readiness Additionally, we provide recommendations and help you implement strategies to prepare your teams for sale from a talent and culture perspective. Focus areas include succession planning, retention of key talent, organizational culture, engagement assessments, and preparing your teams for change. Team readiness is done through a strategy-based consulting approach, keeping the sale process confidential.  

Step 3: Business Readiness

2-4 months  

We work with you in a targeted manner through the seven-step business model wheel to optimize your business and bring a compelling proposition to potential buyers while improving revenue and profit. 

Sustainable business health requires intentional design and effort in these seven categories. Therefore, Revenue Rocket takes a targeted approach to address the most significant opportunities for surgical improvement and implementation of demonstrated best practices. 

Market Readiness: Finally, we support you with education and guidance around the financial intricacies of selling your business. We solidify valuation and strategic, cultural, and economic goals. We build marketing materials and financial reports to meet the needs of buyers. 

Step 4: Advisory  


We will continue to provide support and guidance once optimization plans have been deployed and revenue and profit targets are met. Revenue Rocket can then take your firm to market, optimizing the transaction for all parties involved.  

Let us provide expert guidance to achieve your goals and ensure you, your team, and your customers/partners are in the best position for a successful sale. 

Holistically, the M&A Launch program enables you to:

Maximize market value and sale outcomes

Position your business to be attractive to potential buyers

Optimize business health and performance

Understand the M&A market and competitive landscape

Build a valuation of your business supported by market trends

Ensure your team, clients, and partners are well taken care of through this exciting process

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