Industry Insights

What’s the path to a successful acquisition? What’s the path to sustainable organic growth? We’ve had hundreds of clients with the same questions. Gain insights into M&A and growth strategies from our 20 years of experience by reading any (or all) of the below documents.

Merger & Acquisitions: Sell Side

Our path to successfully selling your business

Evaluating M&A Candidates

Merger & Acquisitions: Buy Side

Our path to a successful buy-side acquisition

Do you want your M&A to succeed? Here’s how.

Growth Strategies

Revenue Rocket Consulting Group, LLC Presents: AFAB is a four-letter word

The case for objectivity

So you want to open an office in a new city

Staying ahead of the innovation cycle

Productization: or how to put more acceleration behind your new service line

Experto Credite

Are you looking for that rare breed of “hybrid” sales professional? We can help.

Experto Credite Pt. 2

Top quartile management: our path for getting there and staying there

IP Development: the next evolutionary step for IT Services firms

What’s the one thing, the one essential ingredient, for solid, sustaining organic growth?