Mike's negotiating skills were very instrumental in getting our deal done and having his team on our side equipped us with the knowledge we needed to feel comfortable with proceeding with selling our business. Part of the reason why we chose Revenue Rocket to represent us in their extensive knowledge of the Managed Services industry and that experience was evident once we entered into the Due Diligence and Financial Analysis stages of the deal.”
Lisa Mitchell, Progressive Computer Systems
We engaged Revenue Rocket with an M&A transaction in 2016, and it went very well. We’d highly recommend Revenue Rocket because of their expertise and knowledge of helping companies like ours create and execute a successful path to growth.”
Dennis Dimka, CEO, Uptime Legal Systems
Revenue Rocket helped us define our M&A path, which clearly established how we needed to prepare for our M&A transaction and then defined our post-merger activities. We loved the result of working with them.”
Mark Seeley, CEO, Intellinet
Revenue Rocket’s IT services experience provided valuable insight about how we compared with companies our size, as well as solid direction on how to expedite our growth. We’d definitely recommend them.”
Rob Church, President, Aria Solutions
Working with Revenue Rocket established a clear path for us to create a focused value proposition, gain a tighter concentration and penetration of our vertical markets, and clearly defined our target market by leveraging greater emphasis on the experience of our
Minsk, Belarus, and Minneapolis locations, as well as our project management expertise.”
Coherent Solutions
Revenue Rocket helped us develop a comprehensive strategy for geographic and vertical
expansion. We’re putting the plan in place with much enthusiasm from our team, and we’re seeing results. I would strongly recommend Revenue Rocket.”
Rick Kuula, CEO, Solutia Consulting
Revenue Rocket was instrumental in helping us develop our operations, delivery, and offering strategy. We’d recommend them.”
David Carnes, CEO, OpFocus