Leading Strategic Growth Program

Coaching The Best Leaders at Tech-Enabled Services Firms

IT service leaders engage with Revenue Rocket because growth has stalled, and they desire to push their business to the next level.  

Revenue Rocket’s growth strategy optimization solutions are proven to drive positive business results and higher returns. One key differentiator we’ve identified in those who successfully drive exponential business growth is a CEO’s passion and commitment to self-development and authentic leadership. Revenue Rocket’s experienced team and the Leading Strategic Growth Program enable you and your team to lead transformational growth.

Our exclusive leadership framework works on all leadership levels and 100% on Tech-Enabled Services firms. Our dedicated practitioners provide your team with the process, tools, expert coaching, and leadership development journeys to support individual and group development.


The Leading Strategic Growth Journey 

Leading Strategic Growth begins with collecting feedback on perceived leadership effectiveness from various perspectives. Next, results are analyzed, with feedback delivered, uncovering strengths and opportunity areas for individual leaders and teams.  

Our action planning framework provides a roadmap to focus leadership development efforts. An improvement plan drives accountability for the growth necessary to lead your team through strategic transformation.  

Leading the Work 

Leading the work is the most critical across supervisors and frontline managers. It measures the ability to lead, getting the job done effectively and efficiently through managing results and effective communication techniques. 

Revenue Rocket provides process improvements and meaningful measurement improving your team’s ability to execute work. 

Leading the People 

Leading people is the ability to get work done through others. This goes beyond shaping job performance into coaching and developing leaders ensuring employees are supported in contributing to their full potential.  

Our trained I/O Psychologists provide coaching and evidence-based best practices to improve a leader’s ability to develop trust, align talent optimally, and build a high-performing team 

Leading the Organization 

Leading the organization assesses the ability to lead at strategic levels, including articulating and sustaining a desired future state of the organization, while making effective decisions. 

Revenue Rocket provides implementation of proven operating models and works with your team towards driving involvement and alignment across various stakeholders to shape decisions and drive results.   

Leading in the IT Market 

Tech-Enabled Service firms must lead the markets you compete in, and you’ve got to keep on top of what wins.   

Revenue Rocket provides an external lens on market and customer trends, identifies new growth opportunities, and supports successful leadership across business and technology strategies.  

Leading Transformational Change 

Change management is critical for leading successful transformation efforts and merger and acquisitive growth.  

Revenue Rocket assesses agile leadership, the ability to influence, and the ability to navigate culture change and effective change management. 

Let us provide expert leadership guidance to support and prepare you and your team for exponential growth! 

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The Leading Strategic Growth Program provides:

effectiveness of leadership icon

Insight into differences in perceived leadership effectiveness across direct reports, peers, self, leaders, and more

light bulb

Opportunity areas to focus leadership development efforts and action planning for improvement


Confirmed and unknown leadership strengths to leverage with intent 

helping colleagues succeed icon

Coaching to address blind spots and derailers to lead to your highest potential through organizational change, specifically within the IT services market

road map

A roadmap for leadership development efforts, prioritizing competencies needed

action plan icon

Action plans with recommended tactics to drive lasting behavior change and leadership growth

The Revenue Rocket Difference 

  • 100% focused on IT services and tech-enabled businesses.  
  • Built by operators who’ve been in C-suite roles in IT services businesses. 
  • Trained Industrial/Organizational Psychologists with years of practitioner experience 
  • Integration of M&A expertise and growth strategy consulting enabling rocket-fueled growth

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