Acquire Another IT Services Firm


You know the challenge of getting from $5M to 10M in revenue, or from $25-50M. It’s harder than people know and takes more work than you’d ever imagine. 

Organic growth will get you so far. But breaking through those revenue hurdles is near inconceivable without an acquisition to rocket you to the next phase. 

Revenue Rocket guides you through the process of getting a successful deal done, focusing only on IT services companies that are typically between $5-50M in revenue. 

From origination through close, we guide you through:

  • Finding the ideal company that fits your culture, strategy, and budget
  • Building valuation models 
  • Structuring deals with cash, earn-out, equity, seller-financed options
  • Getting to a non-binding signed Letter of Intent (LOI) 
  • Due diligence
  • Close, working with your legal and accounting teams
  • Negotiating on your side all along the way


Revenue Rocket is your advocate along the journey, finding opportunities to make the best deal, and knowing the pitfalls, that can make or break your M&A strategy. 

We work with you as an owner of an IT services company, M&A teams within corporations, or alongside PE and family fund firms looking to accelerate go-to-market activities. 

While most of our work is helping companies buy other firms, we also help owners sell their business. If you’re looking to acquire something today, we are representing a few firms:

Revenue Rocket is representing an east coast usa-based salesforce implementor, midwest based custom application development shop and a midwest based customer service call center.

Success Stories & Helpful Insights

Do you want your M&A to succeed?

Here’s how.

Our path to a successfully buying another IT services firm.