10 Principles of Successful Business Strategies

10 Principles of Successful Business Strategies

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
10 Principles of Successful Business Strategies


Let’s talk about organic growth strategy. Half of Revenue Rocket’s business is focused on organic growth strategies for IT Services companies – we’ve been providing guidance for over 20 years.  We have developed a method for a systematic business transformation bringing critical stakeholders out of the reactive and into the proactive, allowing firms to become top-quartile performers. We do this by implementing our Specialize, Verticalize, and Productize model – SVP.

Listen as we dive into the 10 Principles of Successful Business Strategies in this episode of Shoot the Moon:

  1. Strive to be the Number one or two player in your market(s)
  2. Clear, consistent competitive strategy builds reputation and recognizable industry position
  3. Don’t “get stuck back in the pack” – be relevant with a specialty that gives you competitive distinction and insulation
  4. On top of a specialized focus, you need to market it!!
  5. Play aggressive offense to build competitive advantage & aggressive defense to protect it
  6. Avoid strategies that only succeed in the best circumstances
  7. Adapt! Learn to love change and make it a competitive advantage, NOT inflexible strategies (ex. pandemic?)
  8. Never try to win on price with your clients – create value!
  9. “differentiate, differentiate, differentiate, or die!”
  10. Be aware. Aggressive strategic moves to wrest crucial market share from rivals often provoke retaliation in form of marketing arms race or price wars.


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