6 Things that could be Surprises to Sellers

6 Things that could be Surprises to Sellers

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
6 Things that could be Surprises to Sellers

Revenue Rocket has decades of experience helping business owners tackle the most unnatural act in business, achieving their exit goals. Most of the hard work in a sale comes well before deciding to list but there are so many surprises that can happen along the way you may not be prepared for. Listen as the time dives into things that could be surprises for sellers in an M&A process.

Here are the 6 (& a bonus!) we talk through:

  1. The Length of the Deal Negotiations – M&A deals can take weeks, months, and even years to close
  2. The Complexity of the Process – Due diligence, legal paperwork, lien releases need to be completed.
  3. Quality of Earnings detail: 1-2 months of an intensive audit
  4. A debt free transaction and having adequate working capital
  5. Legal implication of an asset purchase: terminating employees and rehiring them, notifying customers of the transaction and a change of control
  6. What’s in LOI will change
  7. (Bonus) Emotional impact of going alone

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