DIY M&A: 10 Things to Accomplish

DIY M&A: 10 Things to Accomplish

Shoot the Moon
Shoot the Moon
DIY M&A: 10 Things to Accomplish

So, you’re thinking about buying another firm on your own. Is your business ready to take this on alone? At Revenue Rocket we always ask, does 1 +  = 3? Does this prospect firm get your business to a place it couldn’t get alone? If so, here are 10 things to accomplish when doing an M&A transaction yourself:

  1. When is the right time to buy
  2. Cash or stock based transactions
  3. Accretive nature of a transaction
  4. How to establish proper valuations
  5. Category analysis to determine what to buy
  6. Properly evaluating the competitive landscape
  7. How to draft intent once you find the right target
  8. Establishing a due diligence plan, including establishing a combined proforma
  9. How to draft definitive agreements
  10. Closing time

Consider using an M&A advisor, like Revenue Rocket, when considering buying another business. Revenue Rocket has facilitated over 250 transaction with a 94% success rate (average with an advisor is 50%). If you’re looking to acquire another firm, we’d love to have an introduction call. Reach out at: info@revenuerocket.com.