Elements of a Great Introduction Call

Elements of a Great Introduction Call

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
Elements of a Great Introduction Call

What is an introduction meeting and why is it important in an M&A process? In this episode of Shoot the Moon with Revenue Rocket, we’re diving into the importance of a great intro meeting between a buyer and a seller and what should be discussed.

What are the right elements for an introduction call

What should you talk about, and what shouldn’t you talk about

What do sellers want to hear from buyers?

  • Culture – the more specific you can be the better
  • Strategic fit
  • Capability of doing a deal
  • Strategy after a transaction
  • Highlighting why the seller was targeted

What has to be shared as a seller

  • What you do; service offerings
  • How you sell and keep customers – highlighting recurring and repeat revenue streams
  • Target market/customers
  • Key partnerships
  • Org structure and major team members
  • Defining culture
  • High level finanicials including revenue, gross margin, and profit
  • Constraints in running the business
  • Your intention as a seller

Listen until the end for a surprise appearance & history of Taylor Swift*


***If your process is a structured process, your call my vary. The bigger the deal same goes


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