The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: We’ve Seen it All

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: We’ve Seen it All

Shoot the Moon
Shoot the Moon
The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: We've Seen it All

We really have seen it all when it comes to do’s and don’ts during an M&A deal. Here are a few takeaways from some of our past experiences:

  • Be yourself – but don’t overdo it
  • Be mindful of what’s around you and what you are doing during a video call
  • Be smart about add-backs and what is considered an add-back
  • Always conduct yourself professionally – even if you are not sitting at a conference room table together
  • Consider who should really know about a transaction internally and externally
  • Don’t get greedy during the final hours of a deal coming together
  • Understand EBITDA and determining your valuation

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