Productizing: Benefits vs Features

Productizing: Benefits vs Features

Productizing: Benefits vs Features
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Half of Revenue Rocket’s business is organic growth strategy. We spend a lot of time with business owners looking to grow organically and utilize our SVP program. SVP stands for specialize, verticalize and productize and if you are not considering this methodology you’re missing out on a lot of growth. The idea is to have all 3 of these components working in your business to effectively be in the top quartile for growth and profit realization. If you’d like to learn more about our SVP program, reach out to us or learn more here.

In this episode, we are focusing on productization. Productization is essentially bundling your services to look like products to enable your business to add higher value, get to market quicker with your customers and be more competitive.

Feature: something a project or service offering is able to do. For example, configuring a database, optimizing a cloud infrastructure set up to run faster.

Benefit: why does that feature matter? Ask yourself, how can our client make more money or how can our client save more money from this feature?


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