Profit is Important

Profit is Important

Profit is Important
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You are building your company to ultimately sell the for a significant amount of money. We get it; it’s your biggest asset as an IT Services business owner. The most profitable firms we see are running their business at higher than 15% net income – where does your business fall?

What separates profitable companies vs not profitable companies:

  • Market Focus – are you focused on a narrow set of customers with a prospect profile? Can you market them effectively?
  • Efficiencies – how are you approaching all aspects of the business? Leadership? Go-to-Market strategy?
  • Hire an advisor – do you have an outside perspective to help you skyrocket your growth?

We talked about optimizing profit in Episode 2 – which could be another great resource to get you started on that way of thinking.

Profit is arguably the most important aspect of your business, and if you’re looking for an advisor to help – reach out:


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