The Luxury of Perspective

The Luxury of Perspective

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Shoot The Moon
The Luxury of Perspective

The luxury of perspective is paramount to your success in life and happiness as a person. Many don’t realize how limited their perspectives are in many situations. It’s important to include “Yes, and” instead of “Yes, but” in professional and personal conversations. Why? Opening your mind to different perspectives will help you as an IT Services executive or business owner become more successful in all facets of life. For example, if you view someone’s level of success based on one perspective, how will you open your mind to others’ views of success? How will you add value as a business leader? Be open-minded to seek to understand other views of success as it is critical in your ability to be a great business executive.

A message from Mike:

“To better understand who is in front of you during a business deal, transaction, client meeting or whatever it may be, you need to be able to walk a mile in their shoes. This is a difficult thing for people to do because it takes time and willingness to understand a different perspective before jumping to conclusions and stuck in black and white.

I always say when you embrace living in the gray areas sometimes – not just look at your life and others’ lives so black and white, that’s when you really open your view of success. Change your colors or become chameleonic in the environment you are in.”


How Perspective helps you as a business owner:

  • It changes the way you produce in a business
  • Changes your mindset – think about things differently
  • Brings more value to conversations
  • Apply creativity to problem solving
  • Better performing leader

Ways to gain the Luxury of Perspective

  • Connect with your own mission as a person and business leader
  • “Yes, and” not “Yes, but”
  • Looking at the gray areas – not just black and white
  • Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
  • Don’t zone out – zoom out


Perspective has helped Revenue Rocket facilitate good interactions and improve companies – we’ve been doing it for 20 years! Bringing open-mindedness into our business has helped us and our clients be more successful. Sometimes we call ourselves “chameleons” as we change colors in our environment – how we interact can all depend on the client, the transaction in front of us, and the potential partners at the table.

We’d love to work with you on growth strategy and adding perspective to your business. Reach out at mhvarvath@revenuerocket.com


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