What is Deal Facilitation?

What is Deal Facilitation?

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What is Deal Facilitation?

Deal facilitation in deal-making bridges gaps and can create successful outcomes. These M&A advisors leverage their knowledge, experience, and skills to create win-win scenarios for all involved parties. Listen as the Revenue Rocket team dives into deal facilitation.

If you get a deal on the table, when do you accept it? M&A advisors usually work from origination to close, however an advisor can be utilized for specific functions in the process like origination only on helping getting a deal across the finish line. There are many different ways in which an M&A advisor can assist you, like deal facilitation.

  • What is deal facilitation?
  • What’s the role in crafting an LOI?
  • What’s the role in Due Diligence Support?
  • What’s the role in negotiation?
  • Why is it important to have an advisor throughout compared to running it alone?
  • How do fee structures differ for a deal facilitation?

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