Project Artemis



Project Artemis is an opportunity to acquire a growing, profitable, custom web and mobile application development firm, based in the Midwest, United States.

There has never been a better time to grow through an acquisition.


Impressive customer base with repeat revenue streams 

  • 94% of revenue comes from multi-year repeat clients 
  • Discovery team and product managers consistently build on projects identifying new revenue streams 
  • Several customers have maintenance contracts for perpetual revenue streams 
  • High growth consistent year-over-year with limited marketing and sales effort. There’s a great opportunity to accelerate growth with focused activity from acquiring company. 


Strong Federal and State Government Contracts and Schedule Approval 

  • Projects include Federal contracts with guaranteed revenue through 2024 through existing grants. All grant requirements have been met leaving no risk of non-completion of contracts. Additional Phase 3 awards for STIR and SBIR grants will be applied for with virtually no limit on potential funding.  
  • On State of Ohio State Term Schedule, allowing Project Artemis to bid on any IT project without competitive bidding requirements. Worked with the state of OH for 18 years.  
  • Earned security clearance with Department of Defense accounts with proper security clearance 

Cutting-edge cloud application development 

  • Projects in Med-Tech gain support of AWS development teams for R&D projects 
  • Experts in advanced cloud functionality and deployment 


Well run business with a deliberate focus on transition and succession 

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) (EOS/Traction) Management methodology in place 
  • Clear focus on weekly and monthly meetings, reviewing key metrics and KPI’s with a consistent track record of performance based on these systems 
  • Owner not needed in day-to-day operations as directors and staff sell and provide service to accounts 


Profitable and Growing from Investments in Process and People 

  • 22% EBITDA average over five years 
  • 26% growth rate average over five years 


This company is seeking to be acquired by a strategic or financial investor, while the founder exits the business. The management team, lead operators and technical managers, and employees are willing to stay with the acquiring company to maintain and grow sales and operations capabilities. Cash is preferred at close, but alternative deal structures may be considered. 


Project Artemis delivers innovative IT Solutions across a multiple of technology disciplines. Service Areas include:

Web Application Development: full-stack custom application development of enterprise and government focused solutions. Experts in Microsoft .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and others 

Web Application Development:
full-stack custom application development of enterprise and government focused solutions. Experts in Microsoft .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and others

Corporate IT Innovation Projects:
designing, building and launching web applications and other corporate IT innovation projects including legacy application upgrades

Internet of Things (IoT):
device, network, and end-user applications for connected devices 

Government solutions:
state of OH listed vendor and excellent track record of government focused projects 

Web Business Process Management Solutions:
process development and technical execution of custom BPM software

Custom Content Management System Development:
custom website development and CMS solutions 

eCommerce Development:
custom eCommerce websites, web app development, EP integration, and payment processing integration development


Project Artemis Revenue and EBITDA

About Revenue Rocket and the process for Project Artemis

For more than two decades, Revenue Rocket has been dedicated to assisting IT service companies in both selling their business and expanding through mergers and acquisitions. As experts in the field, we understand what it takes for businesses in this rapidly evolving tech services industry to succeed. Because each company has unique needs and goals, we offer a customized program tailored to your firm’s specific requirements.

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If Project Artemis is of interest to your firm, here’s how the process will begin:

First, we’ll schedule an introductory call with Revenue Rocket to understand your firm and M&A goals. Following this call, we will establish a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that sensitive information remains secure. Once the NDA is in place, we will provide you with a confidential information memorandum (CIM) with more detailed information.

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After sharing the CIM and learning more, we will also introduce you to the Project Artemis leadership team through an introduction meeting, putting you in touch with the team responsible for making this project a reality.

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With our extensive expertise and proven track record in the IT service industry, we are confident that we can help your firm achieve its goals and reach new heights of success. Please reach out today to get started.

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