Project Lance


 Project Lance is an extension of a leading Midwest-based private-equity firm creating a leading integrated MSP/MSSP focused on compliance-driven industries including healthcare, life sciences, and financial services. 

The vision is to redefine the ecosystems for MSPs in a highly-collaborative fashion while creating a culture that operates with integrity, focuses relentlessly on innovation, and truly cares about all stakeholders. 

Are you ready for stage one and two boosters before you exit this orbit? Take a look at what they are looking for below and the limitless benefits of a partnership with Project Lance.  



  • USA HQ 
  • International Operations acceptable 
  • $20-100M in revenue and growing 
  • >$4M in EBITDA


  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Services 
  • Life sciences  
  • Defense Contractors 


  • IT Managed Services (MSP)
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Cloud 


  • Highly collaborative 
  • Entrepreneurial 
  • Customer-driven 
  • Growth Focused
  • Rolling Equity for Future Growth


  • Strong team willing to grow 
  • Rolls equity for maximum value 
  • Willing to stay to the next exit 

This is a growth strategy that is being led by a seasoned executive from the IT industry. He has a technical background, having 20+ years of experience, including being CIO for large companies like Pfizer and Rolls Royce, while also having operational experience as COO of private-equity backed businesses where he oversaw a team of 2,500+ IT professionals across 30+ countries. 


  • Opportunity to be a founding member of a platform focused on compliance-driven industries, working with your best peers in the industry 
  • Gain scale that you can’t have alone by working with like-minded companies and targeted markets 
  • Receive support from industry veterans who provide coaching while you build the firm. Learn from thought-leading experts while gaining purchasing power, additional services, marketing support, training programs, back-office support & additional M&A opportunities 
  •  Give your team career opportunities beyond what any one firm can offer 
  •  Selling-in: we are looking for management teams that are hungry and excited for the future and willing to roll equity

& so much more. Set up an introductory call with our team to discuss the many benefits of a sale to Project Lance 

About Revenue Rocket and the process for Project Lance

For more than two decades, Revenue Rocket has been dedicated to assisting IT service companies in both selling their business and expanding through mergers and acquisitions. As experts in the field, we understand what it takes for businesses in this rapidly evolving tech services industry to succeed. Because each company has unique needs and goals, we offer a customized program tailored to your firm’s specific requirements.

Look at our current deals to get a sense of the esteemed businesses we currently represent.

If Project Lance is of interest to your firm, here’s how the process will begin:

First, we’ll schedule an introductory call with Revenue Rocket to understand your firm and M&A goals. Following this call, we will establish a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that sensitive information remains secure. Once the NDA is in place, we will provide you with a confidential information memorandum (CIM) with more detailed information.

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After sharing the CIM and learning more, we will also introduce you to the Project Lance leadership team through an introduction meeting, putting you in touch with the team responsible for making this project a reality.

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With our extensive expertise and proven track record in the IT service industry, we are confident that we can help your firm achieve its goals and reach new heights of success. Please reach out today to get started.

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