Project Lynx


Revenue Rocket is representing Project Lynx, an opportunity to acquire an established next-generation telecommunication, uCaaS, and fixed wireless provider in the Midwest region. 


  • $8.4M Revenue
  • $1.4M EBITDA


This company is seeking to be acquired by a strategic or financial investor, while the founder exits the business. The management team, lead operators and technical managers, and employees are willing to stay with the acquiring company to maintain and grow sales & operations capabilities. Cash is preferred at close, but alternative deal structures may be considered.


Internet / Data services 

  • High quality internet delivered via fixed wireless or fiber with SLA 
  • IP cloud based voice services including UCaas, HPBX, SIP Trunking and Voip 
  • High Bandwidth Data Transport  


  • Fixed Wireless: Minneapolis/St. Paul focused fixed wireless options with carrier class traditional or WiMAX service  
  • Whole owned network with 50+ tower locations 
  • Point to Point microwave and Point to Multipoint service offerings  
  • Packaged with ip based voice services including UCaas 

VoIP and Unified Communication Suite 

  • Managed or unmanaged VoIP service 
  • Low fee, anywhere number, virtual numbers, and basic call features available 
  • Unified communications platform including collaboration tools.

Other Services:

  • IP derived and traditional T-1 and Analog voice services 
  • IP Addressing 
  • Web & Email hosting 


Next Generation IP Network 

  • Microsoft Metaswtich carrier grade IP based voice platform 
  • UCaas including Meeting / Collaboration offering and interface with Microsoft TEAMS 
  • Bundled offerings across telecommunication offerings including Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking or Dynamic T-1s, Local and long distance. 
  • Trunking solutions connecting next gen and legacy switching equipment


Fixed Wireless Assets and Offerings 

  • Wholly owned last-mile network with over 50 tower locations 
  • Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point base stations 
  • Reliable, high-speed Internet options up to 5G with SLA 
  • Wireless used both for primary or redundant connections for mission critical applications 


Comprehensive service offerings for business customers 

  • UCaas, VoIP, and Hosted PBX offerings 
  • UCaas services can be offered nationwide in over 9500 rate centers. 
  • Strong partnerships offering fiber based internet services 

Recurring Revenue and Repeat Customer Usage 

  • 90% recurring monthly revenue 
  • Contract terms between one and five years, with most customers choosing three 
  • Strong business customers with less than 1.5% churn 


Regulatory Certified Company 

  • Certified a Telecommunications Provider by Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and Public Service Commission of Wisconsin as well as the FCC.  
  • Numerous FCC licenses for 18Ghz, 23Ghz and Millimeter pt. to pt. microwave, CRBS frequencies as well as unlicensed 5.8Ghz.   


Intellectual property 

  • Internally developed customer portal for billing and usage data 
  • Internally developed information, network monitoring, and support tools 

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