Project Waypoint

Looking for growth across the US to expand their services, offerings, and geography.

Project Waypoint, represented by Revenue Rocket, is a legal cloud services firm seeking growth throughout the United States. The firm aims to expand their services, offerings, and geographic reach.

We’re seeking legal focused MSP, Private Cloud Companies, and legal software providers who would like to sell-in or -out across the United States

Ideally, you’d be a firm with more than 70% of your offerings focused on the legal industry. You would operate in the mid-market with a strong track record of stability or growth with a majority of employees working in office, with little remote workers and no offshore developments.

Who we are looking for:



Anywhere across the US

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Revenue & EBITDA Range

$1-10M in Revenue

$100k-2M in EBITDA



Good Client Retention

In-Office Work Environment

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Legal Software Developer

Private Cloud Company

Legal Focused MSP


  • De-risk your current investment in the business with a capital/cash infusion 
  • Be a key provider of legal tech to law offices, aligning with the vision of Waypoint.  
  • Provide better employee growth opportunities with a larger firm 
  • Gain operational efficiencies and best practices from a very well-run firm
  • Gain scale that you can’t have alone by working with like-minded companies and targeted markets 
  • Give your team career opportunities beyond what any one firm can offer 
  • Long term legacy opportunity 
  • Gain insight from one of the leading law focus tech partners in the world 

Unsure if your revenue fits? Find out now!

THE BUYER: A highly successful IT solutions provider with a proven history of integration, customer, and client success

  • USA-based company with offices in the South and the Midwest
  • 40 employees
  • Have successfully completed acquisitions and integrated teams
  • High level of operational sophistication with streamlined legal software and programs.
  • Been in business for 10+ years, stable company with similar energy to a start-up. Employees enjoy working here.

About Revenue Rocket and the process for Project Waypoint

For more than two decades, Revenue Rocket has been dedicated to assisting IT service companies in both selling their business and expanding through mergers and acquisitions. As experts in the field, we understand what it takes for businesses in this rapidly evolving tech services industry to succeed. Because each company has unique needs and goals, we offer a customized program tailored to your firm’s specific requirements.

Look at our current deals to get a sense of the esteemed businesses we currently represent.

If Project Waypoint is of interest to your firm, here’s how the process will begin:

First, we’ll schedule an introductory call with Revenue Rocket to understand your firm and M&A goals. Following this call, we will establish a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that sensitive information remains secure.

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After signing the NDA and learning more, we will introduce you to the Project Waypoint leadership team through an introduction meeting, putting you in touch with the team responsible for making this project a reality.

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With our extensive expertise and proven track record in the IT service industry, we are confident that we can help your firm achieve its goals and reach new heights of success. Please reach out today to get started.

Revenue Rocket is evaluating firms for this mandate today. Please let us know below if you’d like to learn more:

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