Building the Ultimate Pitch Deck

Building the Ultimate Pitch Deck

revenue rocket pitch deck slide


Your business needs a pitch deck. If you are thinking about selling your business or buying another business, a pitch deck is important to visually show your identity. The contents and structure of your pitch deck can help a potential buyer or seller see the anonymous overview of your company, what makes your business special, the opportunity, and the sustainable advantages that will come from an acquisition.

At Revenue Rocket we believe that having a well structured and visually appealing pitch deck is incredibly important.  Depending on the audience, which is trending to a younger demographic, the opportunity to capture a reader’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult.

Let’s start with the content.

  1. Executive Summary and Elevator Pitch
  2. Momentum and Traction
  3. Market Opportunity
  4. Investment Thesis (Problem & Solution)
  5. Competitive Landscape
  6. Revenue Model
  7. Marketing Plan and Growth Strategy
  8. Management Team
  9. Financials
  10. Funding Requirements


Depending on the audience, we also recommend a title slide and an agenda slide with a few bullets outlining what your viewers are about to see.

Then make it pretty.

  • The use of iconography will draw in people to focus on the items you want them to see first.
  • Use images of the team – humanize the talent.
  • Stick to your brand standards – people want to see attention to detail
  • Choose fonts that go with your brand
  • The use of graphs will help tell the story behind the numbers.
  • Logos of your competition draw correlations to legitimacy and offerings
  • Visual charts vs busy spreadsheets will keep people out of the weeds and focused on the highlights.
  • PDF not Powerpoint.  Keep things secure and always use a project code name


At Revenue Rocket we believe a comprehensive effort put behind the deck will bring forth the best results.  For more information on building your pitch deck or assistance in managing an M&A process please contact us at info@revenuerocket.com