Congratulations Intellinet Corp., Envision LLC. and Axis Group

Congratulations Intellinet Corp., Envision LLC. and Axis Group

They are the winners of the RCP Rocket Award, and deservedly so.

Redmond Channel Partner magazine and Revenue Rocket teamed up to create the RCP Rocket Award, honoring excellence in growth for IT services companies with revenues between $5 million and $75 million annually.

The award is evaluated on two key criteria. First, the strategies; what unique combination of strategies did the company employ to generate the achieved results. This section constituted 75% of the evaluation as we are most interested in understanding what and how various strategies drove success. Second, the results; what did your company achieve over a three year period in terms of revenue, profit, and other relevant metrics you deem appropriate? This accounted for 25% of the evaluation.

What stood out for me among the winners was how each company resolved to focus their business, in terms of technology set, verticals and strategic initiatives. It’s the one thing we advise all our clients do to accelerate growth of their business. These companies are a testament to how effectively this strategy drives profitable growth.

Why the Axis Group won: For the Axis group LL, it decided to consolidate around fewer technologies, concentrate on a narrower set of verticals and drive to repeatable business from among the more targeted opportunities. This strategy has proven to be the right decision to optimize the firms’ growth and profit.

Why Envision won: For Envision, the company used to do IT staffing and IT projects, but over the past few years it decided to focus only on IT staffing, which enabled the company to develop more effective business-building strategies. The excellence in execution and overall alignment to the company’s focus has proven to be an extremely effective strategy for Envision.

Why Intellinet won: For Intellinet, a new management team realigned the company around a core set of future-focused strategies following the recession. The company’s focus and execution of this strategy has allowed them to become Best in Class.

You can read more about these companies and the winning strategies by clicking on the link below to get to the October 21, 2013 article that profiled these companies in Redmond Channel Partner magazine.