Do it yourself (DIY) Marketing Programs that can help your business

DIY Marketing Programs that can help your business stay relevant

Its no surprise that companies are looking at ways to reduce overhead expenses and one area that often gets reduced too soon is marketing. In this blog post, we are going to talk through a few things you should continue to produce with or without a marketing budget. 

DIY marketing is a lot more achievable while the normal draws and demand from the operations are lower than normal –  being home during a government imposed Stay-in-place order is a prime opportunity to rollup your sleeves and let your clients and your competitors’ clients know you are still open for business. 


5 marketing things to tackle DIY style:


  1. SEO 101 – use the web to educate yourself on the basics of Seach Engine Optimization. It’s minimal effort and likely the most powerful tool you’ll build that no one will ever see. It’s the info behind the info that allows search engines to find you based on data you expose behind the visual content a user will see.
  2. Start a Blog – People have been paying you for advice or perspective for years.  Its time to put those thoughts and opinions down into words and let that new SEO bring in those new leads. Check out our blog to get some ideas.
  3. Build out your contact lists – Email marketing is a great way to spread the word about industry news, upcoming events, new products or releases and it’s very easy and inexpensive to run marketing campaigns to increase engagement with your audiences.  If they are going to read about your industry it may as well be from you. 
  4. Get Social – Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are getting record engagement these days as people turn to their devices for entertainment.  Posting a new story or promoting your newest blog is easy and the more people looking at your company the less are looking at competitors.  Once you master the organic content – watch a youtube video or two on kicking off some paid campaigns. A few bucks can go a long way in reaching your target audience. 
  5. Ready set Action – That’s right… Video is getting easier and easier to produce at home or the office.  Some of the best cameras in the world are in our pockets inside those increasingly smarter smartphones. There are even decent microphones on laptops and tablets which are great for podcasting. Editing is easier than ever and the only thing better than a Blog is a video Blog and Search Engines love video. 


So remember its one thing to reduce spending on critical things like marketing which we mentioned in last week’s podcast, but be prepared to dive in yourself for some DIY marketing. Now is the perfect opportunity to get noticed.