Five Steps Every IT Services Business Should Take To Successfully Prepare For a Merger and Acquisition

Five Steps Every IT Services Business Should Take To Successfully Prepare For a Merger and Acquisition

Want to best prepare for a successful merger and acquisition (M&A) initiative, rather than completely flounder?

We thought so.

M&A is more about looking good to prospective buyers and/or sellers. There’s a lot to it.

To prepare for a successful M&A process, there’s a few things you need to know.

Do this for a successful merger and acquisition result

To best be prepared for a successful merger or acquisition, there are a few key principles you need to know and be prepared for.

Here are five we feel are the most relevant to getting what you want.

  • Double-digit annual growth. Your IT Services business needs to set goals to achieve double-digit annual growth. You’ll want the revenue growth to impact both gross revenue and profit.
  • A healthy balance sheet. A healthy balance sheet with strong retained earnings and minimal debt will make your firm more desirable to potential buyers.
  • Clearly differentiated service. You ideally want to have a service that’s offered to a specific audience, with a clear value statement, and positioned as number one or number two, in your industry or market. To craft this, we’d suggest going through a specialization and productization process, much like we offer.
  • Recurring revenue equaling 30% of total annual revenue. In order to make a potential buyer salivate with interest, you’ll need to show that your annual recurring revenue makes up at least thirty percent of total revenue.
  • New revenue stream. One of the things that will undoubtedly help you create a conversation of interest, is by developing a new stream of revenue. That might look like a new line of service you offer your clients, a breakthrough software expansion, or a new location that services a geographic location. Whatever it is, we’d suggest developing a strategic plan to build this, on an annual basis.

The devil’s in the details

There are tons of little details that go into planning an M&A initiative.

It’s not as simple as your broker may convince you it is.

Let us guide you through the process of a triumphant result, when you look to buy (or sell) you IT Services business.

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