Four M&A Podcast Episodes you should Hear Right now

Four M&A Podcast Episodes you should Hear Right now

The Shoot the Moon Podcast Series by Revenue Rocket
Listen in as we navigate the in’s and out’s of IT Services M&A

We invite you to subscribe and listen to our Shoot the Moon podcast series for IT Service companies like yours. In each episode we dive into a different topic of M&A do’s and don’ts along with advice, recommendations, and best practices by Mike and the team at Revenue Rocket.  Here are a few of our latest episodes you should listen to if you’re considering a merger or acquisition:

5 milestones to achieving a transaction in 2022

Five milestones to achieving a successful transaction in 2022: In this episode the team weighs in on 5 critical steps in getting a deal done in 2022’s unique economic environment.\


Do you have the resources to close a transaction: Not all deals are black and white.  Navigating the required resources to complete a transaction beyond just the funds at close is a requirement and something many underestimate.


The importance of marketing during an M&A process: In this episode we dive into the importance of keeping your foot on the marketing pedal during a process. Nothing slows down a combination more than declining results…  Listen in and keep selling!


Are you ready for an M&A transaction: Really, are you ready? You’d be surprised at the cultural, operational and financial impact a process will have on your company, your leadership and potentially your corporate performance. Listen in as Mike, Ryan and Matt help set the stage for what it looks like to be ready to enter a process.

After you listen in, take a look at our growing list of active deals. Let’s do something great together and thanks for reading – – – I mean listening!