Inc 5000: Proving our Methodologies work! How Revenue Rocket Ranked Among the Nations Most Impressive Companies Again

Inc 5000: Proving our Methodologies work! How Revenue Rocket Ranked Among the Nations Most Impressive Companies Again

When Mike Harvath founded Revenue Rocket back in 2001, his focus was to bring consistency and repeatability to the usually contentious and unpredictable world of mergers & acquisitions.  Creating consistency is challenging enough in business, whether it’d be a service offering, a product or even the experience extended to a client. Creating consistency among a group of companies, in potentially adjacent markets with disparate views, intentions and cultures is an entirely different animal. 

Fast-forward 20 years and you’ll see a company and team that is breaking the mold on traditional business to business (B2B) processes, marketing, services, and execution.  We often read the proverbial saying “practice what you preach” but you don’t always see it executed on, especially when the industry or offering is by definition unique 100% of the time. Well, Revenue Rocket does just that! 

As an example, you’ve heard us talk, write and present our SVP model plenty of times over the years but you likely never heard why or how it was first implemented. It was first used by us! We leverage the methodology in our vision, strategy and execution plans on a regular basis. The methodology is simple (at least to understand); Specialize, Verticalize & Productize. The execution however is a lot harder. We specialize solely in IT Services, we have productized our offering so it’s easy to understand and execute, and have verticalized our service offering to tailor to each segment of the market. These 3 principles help simultaneously keep us and dozens of current clients on track to achieve the goals and objectives we set and we’ve done it hundreds of times!

The ability to take something like our SVP model and expand it across an entire industry has provided our clients looking to grow organically or prepare their business for a transaction/process with an advantage. The advantage is being prepared.  While SVP is one of many programs and methodologies we pioneered at Revenue Rocket it is a perfect example of why we continue to execute, grow and exceed our goals year after year. 

This year we were again recognized for our growth, thought leadership, and operational excellence by achieving rank amongst the Nation’s fastest-growing companies in the 2020 Inc 5000 Regionals list as published on March 16, 2021. 

We’ve been hard at work building off our momentum, not just through client acquisition but corporate growth, leadership development, and expansion and investments in key functional areas of our business; such as marketing, technology, and automation. These investments have paid off and more are planned for this year and next.  

Last month when interviewed about the ongoing success at Revenue Rocket, Mike disclosed our long-term growth objectives; the company must hit $100M in revenue within the next 10 years. A lofty goal, but one that is 100% defendable when measured against our long-term execution plan, budget, and financial forecast. That’s right, we have a 5 and 10-year strategic plan that we are constantly inspecting and measuring against to ensure our decisions, priorities, and efforts are in check. 

Sure, the strategy changes slightly from time to time based on economic and market conditions, after all, look at what 2020 did to traditional business operations. That said the foundation and focus of the firm rarely change which makes our jobs easier, more enjoyable, and easier to measure our individual and collective performance. 

Our ranking on the Inc. 5000 Regionals (and National) list is something we see as evidence that our methodologies work and are humbled and honored to be included again.  This year we improved our rank by nearly 200% over last year. The rankings are based on a company’s financial performance while obtaining record growth in revenue year over year. The balance of growth and financial performance is something we preach almost daily at Revenue Rocket.  It is our position that a growing business that is losing money and does not have a path to sustainability is not yet a business but an idea.  

The ability to balance investments in growth programs and maintaining profitability is key to long-term success and value creation. Period! 

With all that said, we appreciate the recognition from the Inc. 5000 team and our dedicated clients and look forward to continued growth, disruption, and above all predictability as we set our sights on yet another record year!