Between the LOI and Deal Close, What Should you Expect?

Between the LOI and Deal Close, What Should you Expect?

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
Between the LOI and Deal Close, What Should you Expect?

You’ve done a lot of hard work of finding a suitor and there’s an LOI (Letter of Intent) you’ve agreed to. We want to walk through some of the major steps as you work towards a deal close.

The linear flow! First comes the LOI, then a big due diligence list which could come with a quality of earnings, then there may be a chance for renegotiation of the deal, through this process you will get different data requests (some outside of the formal due diligence list), be prepared to look at employments agreements, forecasts,  and ultimately you are working towards a finalized deal and putting things together with post integration planning. Really work hard towards that close date and be sure to have the right team and advisors by your side!


Episode Talking points:

  • What does it look like after the non-binding LOI is assigned?
  • What is the timeline between LOI and close?
  • What approach to take during due diligence and how to not get overwhelmed
  • Using an M&A Advisor for deal negotiation
  • Creative solutions during this difficult phase
  • Understanding the forecast for the future
  • Integration & Growth planning
  • When do the teams meet?
  • Preparing for schedules with the definitive agreements
  • Post Integration planning


Getting the Due Diligence List

  • Financial: P&Ls, tax returns, AR aging, AP aging, revenue by contract, EBITDA support
  • Company operations: Corporate records, employee documents, employee census, updated org charts, benefits information
  • Contracts & commitments: bank loans, lines of credit, financing arrangements, customer contracts, insurance info
  • Audit results: any info on past audeits
  • Marketing and sales: samples or marketing material, sales experience,
  • Technology audit


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