Don’t Stop Marketing!

Don’t Stop Marketing!

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
Don't Stop Marketing!

Don’t stop marketing! Consumers are being engaged differently these days… What used to be an in-person dialog is now an online article or podcast. Is your business part of that content?

Your customers are learning new things at an unprecedented rate since the stay-in-place orders went into effect and your product or service may be just what people are looking for. So, rather than cut back on marketing, use some of your new DIY talents to reach your target audience in this new and likely forever different world!

“Stopping your marketing and advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Henry Ford.



  • As competitors slow spending, it leaves an opportunity to get noticed in your markets.
  • As companies reduce spending on things like support and maintenance, it could leave customers feeling exposed or neglected and could make for good competitive marketing campaigns.



  • Clear and consistent content strategy: does it flow smoothly? Does it follow the times?
  • Accelerate your digital marketing strategy
  • Update your positioning to take into account the “new normal” – dated marketing material can be more harmful than none at all!
  • Asses your content – Does it flow smoothly with the times?
  • Be prepared to modify your strategy – you may need to be flexible to serve your customers and potential customers
  • Be sensitive: COVID-19 si a serious situation – there is a right way to make light of the situation



  • What do your clients need to hear from you? Should you be putting your clients’ minds at ease?
  • Employee marketing and communication – what do your employees need to hear from you?
  • Employers should provide current messaging about what is being done to ensure the safety of employees and clients. (You don’t want staff providing inaccurate information)


Eventually, the economy will rebound, and if you continue your marketing strategy you will be ahead of your competitors and keep up your business.

Manage the business through the crisis to the best of your ability. The most important thing to consider is, don’t be too abrupt with changes in your marketing and advertising. Don’t stop running your business efficiently – only change what you need to change!

We can help advise you, reach out anytime: info@revenuerocket.com and listen to our Shoot The Moon episode on protecting your business during COVID-19.

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