Process Makes Perfect

Process Makes Perfect

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Shoot The Moon
Process Makes Perfect


To manage your organization’s transformation out of the urgent and into the important, Revenue Rocket has developed a method for a systematic transformation that brings key stakeholders along on the journey out of the reactive and into the proactive management of business change to becoming a top quartile performer.


We call this the Revenue Rocket SVP Model.

Specialize. Productive. Verticalize. We’ve been using the SVP Model since our inception to help our clients become best in class. In this episode of Shoot the Moon, CEO Mike Harvath explains each element of the SVP model and why executing this model into your business will set you apart from your competitors.

Here’s the breakdown.



Pick a technology specialty and be the best provider available for your target market. When you specialize you separate yourself from your competitors by:

1) Being extremely relevant to your customers’ technology needs, in their industry, using the ideal technology for what’s needed

2) Attracting and retaining better talent by narrowing in on a specific technology niche 3) Commanding higher billable and utilization rates from buyers who are less sensitive to price for effectively differentiated products and services



Pick one vertical market and be the #1 player in that market, aligning with your technology specialty. You can own a market by being in the one or two which you are naturally suited to and doing it better than anyone else. It will be easier to market your business and do it more effectively.



Make your service (once technology is specialized) an easy to buy solution. Are you making your services easy to buy like a product is? Create a branded entity for your offering that combines:

1) the functional benefits of your product (e.g. a CRM system);

2) the service excellence of your consultancy; and

3) a hearty dose of the intellectual property that defines your IT philosophy


Bundling all this into a branded offering differentiates you from the pack, makes it easier for your customers to buy, and more value for your sales team to bring to the table. Liste. To the episode to find out how to implement our SVP model.

We specialize in organic growth strategy. Reach out to learn more.

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