Why Canada is a Great option for Expanding your IT Services Reach!

Why Canada is a Great option for Expanding your IT Services Reach!

With government-funded programs and a weaker dollar, more and more companies are expanding to Canada.

Did you know that Canada provides much more than oil, timber, and maple syrup to the world? Well, it’s true.  Canada is one of the technology hotbeds in the world. With high incentive government-funded research programs, lower cost of education (leading to better talent), a growing list of industry mega producers, more and more people and organizations are looking north for opportunities. 

In fact several of Revenue Rockets success stories are either born or materialize north of the border. Whether it’s a telecommunications provider, a larger energy producer or the infrastructure that supports their operations. The fact is that the output from Canadian based business combinations often out performs anything domestic. Let us break it down for you and see if we can’t expand your comfort zone and target to include a little more Eh! 

Government support: not just for startups… 

In Canada the federal government has rolled out several incentives for Canadian technology companies that take a lot of the risk out of innovation.  For example; (SRED!) Scientific Research and Experimental Development programs for the advancement of Canadian born technology. 

Canada offers incentives and tax credit programs to global companies looking to invest in Canada. Contact us for a customized information package on the programs and incentives designed to help your business grow.”

Scientific Research and Experimental Development

The SR&ED tax incentive program is Canada’s largest R&D program with $3 billion in tax incentives annually. Learn about the SR&ED tax program

Yup, that says $3 billion; with a “b”! No wonder they are leading the globe in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and digital security! 

Learn about the SR&ED tax incentives and how they can benefit your business: What are SR&ED tax incentives

Review the SR&ED requirements and what types of work may be eligible: What work is eligible

Canada ranks #3 globally for quality of life! 

That’s 22 spots back from us here in America. We are not trying to sell you on immigrating to Canada, but we are encouraging you to look at Canada as a resource and potential path to securing more top talent and expanding your value proposition to the market at a fraction of the cost of building it organically. 

Check out some Canadian opportunities: Meet Project Dragon and meet Project Skylark

Still not sold? Here are some additional benefits that are driving more and more interest north of the border:

Accelerated Investment Incentive

This program allows companies to write off a large share of the costs of newly acquired capital assets, like equipment in the year the purchase is made or the asset becomes available for use. Learn about the Accelerated Investment Incentive

Strategic Innovation Fund

The Strategic Innovation Fund has established Canada as a top destination to invest and grow. The program provides funding for large innovation projects and more. Learn about the Strategic Innovation Fund

What about the Digital SuperCluster??  Yup a thing!

The Digital Technology Supercluster

The Digital Supercluster is driving Canada’s growth and prosperity through global leadership in digital innovation. It brings together businesses, academia, community and government agencies to solve some of industry and society’s biggest challenges – better and faster than any single organization can do on its own. Together, we are advancing towards a net zero society, building a healthier Canada and creating the digitally skilled workforce Canada needs to win in the digital world.




Invested with Canada Firms


Digital Technology Projects




New Jobs Created by 2028

The next chapter of Disruption, AI

Scale AI, believe’s now is the time to take AI out of the lab and into the real world. Where businesses can show not what AI will do, but what AI can do. They accelerate the integration of AI across all industries, scaling large and small organizations along the way.

Reshaping business models, enhancing decision making, elevating workforce performance. Unleashing new avenues to embolden your business, the economy and the world, to reach our full potential. They are committed to strengthening Canada’s position on a global scale.

Interested in expanding your reach into Canada? Reach out to info@revenuerocket.com to learn more.