How Cultural Fit Drives Successful M&A

How Cultural Fit Drives Successful M&A

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
How Cultural Fit Drives Successful M&A

Chelsey, Ryan, and Mike from Revenue Rocket discussed the importance of cultural fit in M&A deals and how it can impact post-merger success. They discuss the need for proactive planning and assessment of cultural alignment early on in the process, and the different dimensions of organizational culture and how they can be used to define and understand one’s own culture before buying another firm.

How does culture influence successful M&A deals? In this episode, we are talking about the importance of cultural fit when organizations come together in a merger or acquisition. We have special guest, Chelsey Nord, Revenue Rocket’s Director of Strategy joining us on this podcast to share her expertise and experiences.

Questions Chelsey dives into:

  • How do we define culture?
  • How does organizational culture influence the success of M&A deals?
  • What evidence do we have that culture impacts performance?
  • How do most firms plan for culture fit as they look to buy or sell in today’s environment?
  • What is RRCG’s perspective around culture fit in M&A? What’s the goal?
  • What is RRCG’s Approach to Culture Fit in M&A?
  • What are greenlights or positive signs early in the M&A process that culture fit will be favorable?
  • When in the M&A process should culture be addressed? Are there certain milestones?


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