Why is selling a Business so Hard?

Why is selling a Business so Hard?

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon
Why is selling a Business so Hard?

Segment 1: The Hard Truth About Selling a Business

  • Discussion on the complexity of the selling process
  • Financial and legal hurdles that need to be overcome
  • The emotional attachment to the business and its impact on the sale

Segment 2: The Emotional Ties That Bind

  • Deep dive into why selling a business is such an emotional time
  • Identity and self-worth tied to the business
  • The feeling of letting employees and customers down
  • The fear of the unknown post-sale
  • Expert Interview: A Psychological Perspective
  • Can you hit the number you want with a buyer you can work with?

Segment 3: Preparing for the Sale Process

  • Practical steps to detach emotionally from the business
  • Shifting perspective from owner to seller
  • Focusing on future opportunities
  • Getting your business in order: financial audits, valuations, and more
  • Assembling the right team: brokers, accountants, lawyers

Segment 4: Strategies for a Smoother Sale

  • Strategies for setting realistic expectations
  • Tips on maintaining business performance during the sale
  • Negotiation tactics and how to handle offers
  • Getting through Due Dilligence and a potential QoE

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