…and this is why it’s a Seller’s Market!

…and this is why it’s a Seller’s Market!

…and this is why it’s a Seller’s Market!
Shoot The Moon

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We have seen valuations go up for the last several years, but saw an even bigger increase because of the pandemic. COVID-19 created a seller’s market for IT Services companies. The demand for digital transformation work and remote work support went up dramatically in the last year which helped many IT Services firms increase their valuations.

As a buyer (or a seller), you need to be competitive. Ask yourself some questions: does your combined business get somewhere together that they can’t get to alone? At Revenue Rocket, we like to ask, “Does 1 + 1 = 3?” In this episode, we talk through buying strategies and how to set yourself apart from the competitive landscape and areas of caution when acquiring.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, don’t go at it alone! Use an M&A advisor to help you with things like origination, due diligence, and to help seal the deal. Through our proactive, disciplined, and strategic approach, we have been the growth advisor of choice for our industry since our inception. If you’re thinking about growing through acquisition or become part of something bigger, let’s talk.


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