Project Hera


 Revenue Rocket represents Project Hera, a leading provider of cloud services and IT services for sale by its principal owners. The Midwest-based company, with $1.98M in EBITDA and $4.5M in recurring revenue, offers cloud services for data storage, disaster recovery, backup, collocation, networking, and IT services. 

There has never been a better time to grow through an acquisition.



Excellent financial condition

  • 60% gross margins with 37% EBITDA margins ($1.98M)
  • $4.5M (89%) in annual recurring revenue
  • Previous capital investments offer additional customer capacity at low onboarding costs


Long term contracts and customer

  • Solid, long-term customers with exceptional financial positions
  • 36-month contracts
  • $7.5M of committed contractual revenue
  • Proven success with documented case studies and testimonials


Top-tier equipment and service offering

  • Services offered in Tier 5 data centers in partnership with Switch
  • Tier 1 support handles all levels of issues paired with exceptional white glove service
  • High-performance hardware with massive potential for scalability


 This company is seeking to be acquired by a strategic or financial investor while the ownership team exits the business after a transition period. The management team and employees are willing to stay with the acquiring company to grow and maintain sales and operations capabilities. Cash is preferred at close, but alternative deal structures may be considered.


 Cloud offerings: private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure as a service for storage, backup, disaster recovery (DR), testing, development, and virtual environments

 On-Premises and cloud storage: high-performance storage available in flexible payment models, including on-premises purchase, on-premises & cloud consumption subscriptions

 Backup as a service and Disaster Recovery as a Service: highly available, flexible on-demand IT Infrastructure

 Virtual Desktop/Desktop as a Service: desktops running in cloud environments for remote work, bandwidth management, security & compliance, business continuity, and easy management

 Colocation: hosting of client infrastructure at world-class data centers

rocket taking off into the clouds

 Managed and Consulting Services: fully-managed infrastructure and IT consulting service

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